BIM models add value to your technical data.

  • BIM models add value to your technical data.
A BIM is often thought of as simply creating 3D smart models of your products... This is partly due to the companies pushing it, but a thought process we'd like to change.

At Barrignton Arch BIM content is more than just 3D models, they also become a technical solution to a marketing problem. Not only that they can add value to other parts of your marketing. As your product will now all be in a 3D format, these can be turned into beautiful rendered images to put on your website & in your technical manuals. Thus adding extra value to those to.

Below are some tech manual images we are working on for Air Con New Zealand, these aren't finished et, but will eventually show all of their products beautifully model.

Want to upgrade the beauty of your tech manuals? talk to us at [email protected] & we'd be happy to share our thoughts.

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