Are there regular seminars on/for Revit? If so, are these paid or free?

I'm looking for a place running regular Revit seminars, I'd potentially be happy to pay if it was going to kick start my learning of Revit and BIM.

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Jay, Architect • 2012

Find a local RUG (Revit Users Group, such as LARUG, where we do monthly meetings in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Orange County:

We do live meetings as well as stream and record them for viewing later!!!

I bet you have a local group near you, if not: Start one!!!

Email me if you'd like to discuss...

Adam, Architect • 2012

Well AutoCAD has something called Autodesk® Authorized Training Center (ATC®), so depending where you live these might be helpful. Not sure how much it costs though!

Hernando, Architect • 2012

try your local users club (if there's any) the alternative would be online seminars, check revitcity and other blogs. there are tons of videos on youtube as well.
good luck!

Robertina • 2013
2013 BIM conference
email me if you need

Michael • 2012

Autodesk University provides many resources and they do online learning.

????????, Architect • 2012

NetCom Information Technology hosts online seminars (USA)