• Gas Boiler Mizudo M24T

Gas Boiler Mizudo M24T

Doors, Wheelchair Lifts
Date Updated:
December 13, 2018

Wall boiler of MIZUDO — the effective and economic device for providing with heat and hot water of apartments and cottages. Thanks to the HotRestart technology realized in this series at refight and renewal of supply of electricity or gas the boiler of MIZUDO will revolve work with earlier set settings. The built-in innovative control system of parameters of boiler of MIZUDO constantly watches indicators of work of a boiler, informing the user on possible interruptions in work and need of carrying out timely maintenance. Consumers choose MIZUDO boilers for elegant design and functionality. Service and assembly to the organizations note simplicity and reliability of a design, convenience of installation and service. The highest quality and reliability of boilers of MIZUDO are confirmed with a factory guarantee 2 years. Each copper passes bench tests, is completed with the passport and the warranty card.

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