How to insulate thin timber roofs

These exposed timber roofs always look fantastic, however what is the best way to insulate them? As there is obviously not a lot of empty space in them, it could be the reason the rooms would be freezing in winter.
How to insulate thin timber roofs

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Beth, Architect • 2016

It looks to me like there are two "slabs" of approximately 4" thick each. My guess is this might be some sort of structural insulated panel (SIP) one on top of the other. Perhaps the required insulation here is not that high. In addition, there might be a much thicker roof system st pack from the thin profile that is visible. This is quite an overhang and the overhang requires no insulation. There might be a fully insulated, and much thicker roof that occurs only above the habitable space.

Eric, Architect • 2016

You could use ThermaCote on the outside of the sheathing, in addition to continuous insulation.

sofiane, Architect • 2016

one can glimpse in the front two different thicknesses of roofs. And in the section, it is even clearer , thermal insulation is arranged above , its thickness is not negligible . Above it another skin. the final cover will be supported on a rigid insulation or on low thermal conductivity substrates.

Cary, Architect Office - Other • 2016

You can find rigid insulation boards that have an R-Value of about 5 per inch of material. Can easily meet insulation requirements by filling up the joist cavities, and still leave a little room for venting.

Stephen, Architect • 2016

Carrie, the insulation (rigid sheets) is most likely situated above the exposed timber that you are seeing.

Tomescu, Engineer • 2016

you should google for inverted roof insulation. depending on the region where the home is situated and the thermal insulation level "U factor", you can design your own insulation as thick as you want.

tor, Engineer • 2016

Yes, the roofs are obviously insulated above the visible ceiling. But the pictures shows extremely thin roofs/ constructions. It makes me wonder: are there no energy requirements for these buildings ?

Daniel, Architect • 2016

You would insulate the attic/rafter space above the ceiling with spray foam insulation or similar and use a combination of vapor/ moisture barriers and venting.

Carrie, Architect • 2016

Great information. Thanks everyone!
Eric, how do you ThermaCote? I don't know much about it.