World's Tallest Building Ready in 90 Days

  • World's Tallest Building Ready in 90 Days
  • World's Tallest Building Ready in 90 Days
The worlds tallest building will hopefully will be built by January 2013 in China. Has work already started? The answer is no, instead the building will be built in only 90 days! How, you ask? Prefabrication. About 95% of the building will be built before work has even started on the ground, as the building will be put together with prefabricated components.

At a proposed 838 meters (220 stories), it will be 10 meters taller than the current largest building, the Burj Khalifa. The Broad Sustainable Building, the company that is erecting the structure, is still waiting for approval from central government but is confident that is will receive approval, hopefully soon as the January deadline is based on the construction starting in November 2012. Once finished the building will contain 104 elevators, quadruple glazing, 15cm thick exterior walls and house the world's largest hotel, J Hotel. The building will cost US$628 million, relatively cheap compared to Burj Khalifa cost of $1.5 billion. The building will contain a whooping floor space of 1 million square meters!

We've reached out to the companies involved to find out what role Building Information Modelling (BIM) is playing the building's construction, I'm guessing at a building rate of this spend there must be a huge amount of computer based testing going on.

Source: CNN Go. Image from: inhabitat


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