What I'd like in a BIM server

There's a few different BIM "server" options showing up and to be honest we'd like a cross between all of them.

Graphisoft's BIM server for ArchiCAD has brought some fantastic features to the table, as does BIMserver.org (open source). Rather than dwell on what we don't like about them, I figure it would be better to make a list of what we would like in a BIM server (& to manage all of our building information modeling data). Feel free to add to the list:

  • Web-based. Everything is moving to the clouds these days, a good BIM server would have to be web-based.
  • Cross platform, it can't just support Revit or ArchiCAD it needs to support all the major systems. Whether this be via IFC or preferably some sort of built-in converters.
  • Have a web-based viewer - it would be great to have a 3D preview of the building within the system, where you could turn different layers or users info on & off. This should not need the download of a clunky plugin.
  • Built in communication platform, preferably real time, along the lines of Autodesk bluestreak or bimlet.com
  • Revisions saving, and back saving. This would be handy to check who said what and as a safe guard.
  • Last but not least; an API! This allows everyone to build on top of it.
That's all we can think of for now. What would you like to see in a BIM server?

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