Take our BIM objects for a spin!

A question we get asked often by clients is: "How can we see/try out our new BIM objects?"

When investing in BIM content for your companies product it is often hard to see what you are getting. Your customers (Architects, Engineers & Technicians etc) will love them, but how can you put them to more use? extracting all of the possible value out of them?

With all the BIM objects & content built by Barrington Arch we supply you with interactive 3D model that work with any web browser or PDFs. This allow you and all of your clients (not just the ones with Autodesk Revit & ArchiCAD) to take your new BIM 3D models for a spin, allowing them to better understand your products.

These 3D web views can be embedded into your website and once again Barrington Arch can help you with that!

Below is a 3D interactive web model of a recent BIM object we have built for ArchiCAD (available from Objectstop.com)
Take it for a spin!

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