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BIMstop helps supercharge al


Traditionally marketing channels have been quite soloed. They all have the same aim; to drive more business to your company, but often get layered on top of each other with not a lot of cross over potential.At BIMstop we believe BIM content is truly different and ca... Read More

BIMstop profiles


We've pushed a lot of updates to BIMstop in the last couple of weeks and we are especially excited about today's release of BIMstop profiles.Profiles are a great way to get an overview of all the BIM content which has been uploaded by a particular Manufacturer or BI... Read More

Embed BIM everywhere


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is all about collaboration and sharing information.So to follow this passion we've decided to make sharing BIM content really easy. On each BIM content page you will now see a new Embed tab (next to Tags), this gives you two excit... Read More