BIMstop helps supercharge all of your existing marketing channels.

  • BIMstop helps supercharge all of your existing marketing channels.
Traditionally marketing channels have been quite soloed. They all have the same aim; to drive more business to your company, but often get layered on top of each other with not a lot of cross over potential.

At BIMstop we believe BIM content is truly different and can be successfully layered into all of your existing marketing channels. Helping to add value across every part of your business. We've developed tools to make this as easy as possible and allow you to effortlessly manage them once they have been deployed.

We've put together a free PDF guide to how BIMstop tools will help you better integrate your marketing: download here

Here's also a few brief ideas it contains:

Your company website

Easy links and widgets allow your specifiers to download BIM content directly from your site

Your print adverts

Clever QR codes allow specifiers to easily scan and download your BIM content files directly from your print adverts

Your sales representatives

BIM content files are small and can easily be emailed to specifiers or shared via USB drives

Your social media

BIMstop has been built from the ground up to be as "viral" as possible, allowing your BIM content to be easily shared on all the major networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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