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Star Wars Tie Fighter modele


Here's a bit of fun for the end of the week. This video was just sent to us and shows an amazing example of how powerful the modeling tools inside BIM (Building Information Modeling) software are getting. Below is a short teaser video released by ArchiCAD showing a... Read More

BIM for Interiors


The worlds tallest building will hopefully will be built by January 2013 in China. Has work already started? The answer is no, instead the building will be built in only 90 days! How, you ask? Prefabrication. About 95% of the building will be built before work has... Read More

Philippe Starck Lemon Squeez


Here's a fun video showing how powerful the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools are getting.The below video is demonstrating the latest ArchiCAD 16 which introduces direct modeling capabilities into the native BIM environment with its brand new MORPH to... Read More

30 story building built in 1


How much can you accomplish in 360 hours?This amazing time-lapse video was sent to us today showing a 30 story building in China being erected in just 15days. The feat was achieve by using pre cast components, so on site is just an assembly exercise.Constructing a b... Read More

Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai) BI


Here's a great video of the Burj Khalifa (formally the Burj Dubai) in the UAE. The Burj as you may know is the world's tallest building. We were lucky enough to see it for real last year and it is amazing in real life, as well as very elegant for such a huge structu... Read More

BIM Building Information Mod


Here's a great video presentation which was just sent to us. It was recorded a few years ago at the 8th Members Meeting of CITA EIN ( Construction IT Alliance ) in Dublin on the 23 June 2010.The speaker is Ralph Montague, who is an architect and managing partner of... Read More

UK Ecobuild 2012 roundup vid


It's been another year of the great Ecobuild show. Ecobuild is the world's biggest event for sustainable design.This year saw a lot of great new technologies introduced to the industry, including some great BIM initiatives as well!Below is a great roundup video whic... Read More

Chrysler Building modelled i


Below is a great video showing how powerful the latest BIM (building information modeling) tools are getting. Here you can see how quickly (4mins!) someone can model the form of New York's famous Chrysler Building.With free form tools becoming easier to use, I think... Read More Quick Login.

2016 our new BIM content marketplace, makes it very easy to login & start uploading your BIM content in a variety of formats.Below is a quick video of me logging in with my existing twitter account, no having to check emails or set passwords, one-click &a... Read More