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An area we are very interested in is the information & communication layer around the Building Information Model (BIM).

In order for BIM to be used effectively and efficiently, there is a lot of communication that has to take place. To some extent this works fine if everybody is working on the same platform, e.g. Revit, ArchiCAD etc. However this quickly brakes down, once different platforms are introduced into the mix. So currently this problem is solved with email, lots & lots of emails!

We think there's a better way and we call it Groups (BIMstop groups).

Groups from the start has been built to be dead-simple. You can have one up and running in under 2mins and each one is infinitely expandable.

You simply set one up for each one of your projects, then everybody can easily post updates (a bit like status updates) to build a stream of information for the project. From your profile page you can also see what is happening across all of your projects.

The really exciting bit is the developer tools that we are going to be releasing soon (stay tuned), these will make Groups extremely expandable and open them to a lot of innovations.

Groups is only at its early stages and is currently in free open beta, so if you've got a minute please try it out, we'd love to hear what you think!

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