Polyflor BIM content for Revit and ArchiCAD now live

  • Polyflor BIM content for Revit and ArchiCAD now live
  • Polyflor BIM content for Revit and ArchiCAD now live
We're pleased to announce that Polyflor BIM files are now available for their complete flooring range on the BIMstop network, in both Revit and ArchiCAD formats.

You can download them directly from Polyflor's BIM profile on our network here >

The Polyflor BIM files allow you to easily place all of the products from Polyflor's large flooring range directly into your virtual building model. The models also contain useful links and information such as green ratings to help speed up your specification process.

You can learn more about Polyflor products at www.polyflor.com.au

Flooring products are often difficult to integrate into BIM. It is always a fine line between making them as data rich as possible, but also providing specifiers with a tool that they can use as flexibly as they please. All of the Polyflor BIM files have been built with this in mind to allow flexibility where needed, we've also done a special texture only range for more advanced users allowing them to place Polyflor's range wherever they please, giving you the ultimate in design freedom!

Polyflor BIM objects Australia


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