Connect to BIMstop with Linkedin

  • Connect to BIMstop with Linkedin
Finding the BIM object you need should be fast, simple and elegant.

That's why at BIMstop we love one-click solutions to allow people to access our platform and its content, fast.

Today we've released a new addition that lets professionals log directly into BIMstop via their existing Linkedin account. All it takes is a simple click and one time authorization (so that Linkedin is happy with you logging into our platform), then every time you come to BIMstop you can login with one click.

We've had Facebook one click access for a while now which has been a great success. Although Facebook is fast becoming millions of people's identity on the web, we understand that some people like to keep their Facebook for personal and Linkedin for business. So now we cater to both!

If you are a new user to BIMstop you can join for free here.

Or if you're an existing BIMstop user you can connect your Linkedin account to your existing BIMstop account. This opens up addition features and sharing capability. This can be activated from your homepage here.

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