BIMstop is Retina ready!

  • BIMstop is Retina ready!
Everyone was excited (including us) when Apple announced their latest Mac Book Pro with Retina display. A huge number of people now spend most of their day staring at a computer screen, especially people in the AEC. So Retina or more accurately screens with such high resolution that you can't see pixels are a more than welcome addition to our lives.

However like with all changes come teething problems. Apple's software is smart enough to adjust everything up to this new resolution, such as scaling up text and images. The text on the web now looks beautiful, but some images on certain sites now look blurry (when viewed on a Retina display), this is because the image has been stretched to double the size! Because of this many applications and website are having to be adjusted/upgraded to handle this, which is what we have done at

It all happens seamlessly, but in short when you come to it will check your screen resolution and deliver the normal images or if you are on a Retina display it will deliver images of twice the resolution, so no matter what part of you are looking at you will always get the sharpest possible image. Architects and specifiers are visual people, so we are sure this will be well appreiated.

Lucky enough to have a Retina display mac? Give BIMstop a browse now and see for yourself >


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