BIMstop & Dropbox integration

  • BIMstop & Dropbox integration
Following on from our new integration last week, you can now push BIM objects from our BIMstop network directly to your account.

This makes it really easy to add the content you need to your BIM library from anywhere, even from your smartphone or iPad.

You will see next to each BIM download a small Dropbox icon. Simply click it when you want to download a BIM file, you will then be prompted with a Dropbox permissions dialogue. Once you've accepted the dialogue, Dropbox and BIMstop will remember the connection for next time, allowing you to easily download to your Dropbox with one click.

Dropbox is hugely popular now days, and an elegant solution to managing your files across multiple computers. To get started browse to a BIM object in our library today:

You can also read more about our new integration here:

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