BIM Education: State of BIM Education at Universities

  • BIM Education: State of BIM Education at Universities
  • BIM Education: State of BIM Education at Universities

BIM education is an interesting topic of conversation. We know that one of the expenses of BIM is training and education; so if we start education early enough will this ease the burden of training costs? According to Barison and Santos's article many universities, especially those in the US, are adopting BIM into their curriculum, some even as early as 2003. According to them Pennsylvania State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Montana State University and University of Wyoming are the leaders in BIM education.

The question is, are we doing enough at schools teaching undergraduates and graduates about BIM? After all, education provides us future BIM practitioner, don't they? Or is it up to the industry to train new graduates, such as an apprenticeship or internship?

A simple Google search shows that some of the universities that offer specific postgraduate degrees in BIM (Master degrees with 'BIM' in the degree title) are the University of Salford, University of Glamorgan and Northumbria University.

Please share your thoughts about your University/College, perhaps you're a student or a professor, tell us what you think or what your school is doing (or not doing) with BIM.

BIMstop is also happy to have users from all of the above Universities, it's great to know we have positively impacted the projects of so many students.

Source: Barison and Santos

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