BIM & Beam Manufacturers

At the moment we are building some BIM content for ProWood NZ who manufacturer engineered timber beams. BIM provides a huge oppotunity for beam or "structure" manufacturers to get their products into a project early and become more apart of the design team.

When putting together the frame work for the new ProWood BIM content (ArchiCAD & Revit), we took a step back to understand how the end user will want the BIM content to work within their virtual building model and started designing it from there.

The finished ProWood BIM content will work with the existing ProWood calculation software and we have provided links within the content's interface to easily connect to that and hopefully speed up BIM user's workflow.

As components such as beams & columns are such important parts of buildings, it is a must that manufacturers offer quality BIM content ensuring that their products are used and documented accordingly.

Stay tuned for more on the ProWood BIM content. If you are a manufacturer of building products, you can contact us on [email protected] to learn more about where your company fits into the BIM process and how you can best gain from it.

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