10 most popular BIM question for this month

  • 10 most popular BIM question for this month
Recently we released our new BIM questions and answers section (you can access it here) as a way of aggregating our Building Information Modeling knowledge as well as that of our growing community of global BIM experts. It has been a great success with users around the globe finding it useful.

Below is this month's 10 most popular questions. Feel free to help answer them or ask your own.

Are there regular seminars on/for Revit? If so, are these paid or free?

I'm looking for a place running regular Revit seminars, I'd potentially be happy to pay if it was going to kick sta...

Question promoted in topics beginner, BIM help, guide ... 10 October at 2:44pm 5 Answers Add Answer

Just started using Revit 2013. What books are good for beginners?

I've just begun teaching myself Revit 2013 and wondered if there were any good books out there for beginners. Some ...

Question promoted in topics beginner ... 10 October at 2:40pm 4 Answers Add Answer

Making one wall invisible?

Pretty simple I'd like to make one of my walls invisible, is it possible to do this in Revit?

Question promoted in topics BIM helpguide ... 11 October at 10:31am 4 Answers Add Answer

Changing family templates. I want to edit a family template, how do I do this?

I want to edit one of the Revit family templates, how can I do this?

Question promoted in topics BIM help ... 10 October at 2:47pm 4 Answers Add Answer

How do I get my Revit model to a PDF file?

How can I easily export my Revit model to a PDF file to share with others.

Question promoted in topics add-insAdobe Acrobat ... 15 October at 3:01pm 4 Answers Add Answer

Difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D?

New to BIM, so just really interested in knowing whats the difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.
 24 October at 9:42am 2 Answers Add Answer

Can anyone tell me some time saving keyboard shortcuts for Revit please?

I'm getting better at Revit but what are some good time saving shortcuts?

Question promoted in topics BIM help ... 15 October at 1:24pm 4 Answers Add Answer

What to use for Clash Detection?

What tools are best for BIM clash detection.

Question promoted in topics BIM help ... 16 October at 8:01am 3 Answers Add Answer

Let us know how we could improve this Questions area?

Any ideas or feedback on this new questions area would be fantastic or you can email it to us at: [email protected]
 12 October at 11:55am 1 Answers Add Answer

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