What is the difference between BIM and BIMx?

I have seen BIMx used or mentioned, but what is the actual difference between BIMx and BIM?

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Answers (4)

Marcel • 2012


You mean xBIM -go to www.openbim.org

eXtensible Building Information Modelling - although my personal interpretation for BIM would be Building Information Management.

There is a lot of BUM around too :) (Bloody Ugly Modelling)


Bobby, Architect • 2012

Just to add to the last post. You don't need ArchiCAD to view .bimx documents!

michael • 2012

This format is only applicable to ArchiCAD, which allows you to create 3D models in an .bimx format. The file can be viewed with viewer applications (on Mac OS X, Apple iOS and Windows)

????????, Architect • 2012

BIMx is an interactive 3D presentation tool.