What is the average/reasonable frame per second for a walkthrough rendering?

I would like to find out what is a good frame per second figure to produce good quality animation but not take hours and hours to render!

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Answers (4)

Dimebag, Architect • 2013

It takes like 5 minutes to render every frame, at least in Revit it can, so I guess work from there you don't want to wait days.

Handyman • 2013

15 frames per second is fine too.

ZairIss • 2013

In my opinion 30 frames per second is good.

BIM, Architect • 2013

We normally don't export animations from Revit; we use Navisworks. We usually export those at 16 fps. Anything below that would cause the video not running smooth. While some people would argue about 16 fps being less than required, we have found this quite satisfactory and have created many animations for several clients with totally smooth and watchable videos.