Is there a way to embed an image or pdf of a cut sheet into a family?

I am wondering if Revit is smart enough to allow you to embed an image of a cut sheet/picture into a family.  I am working with a bunch of equipment and it would be extremely helpful if I was able to click on the piece of equipment and see all of the info - more than what Revit allows you to type in - in a pdf or image form. Or even better if you could scroll across a specific item and see a picture of the euipment.  I'm probably asking too much of Revit, but it's worth a shot!

PS I work in 2012 and 2013...

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Ted, Architect • 2013

Gerald Brinlee
RE linking a photo to a library part:
How do you do that with ArchiCAD?
I've wanted to do precisely that with PDFs, photos for equipment, plants, etc.
Ted Mengers

Robin Mercier, Architect Office - Other • 2013

Here is what I have seen some companies do --- they insert their family into a project (regular .rvt file) and then they put their text/image info onto a sheet in the project. Then they set the opening view to that sheet so that you see the info every time you open it. The file is transferred/stored "as is", and then when someone wants to put the family into his/her project, they just copy and paste it from that .rvt file to another, rather than by inserting the family. I have tried it and it works.

But of course that info does not show up in the family properties ... a URL would work for that, as was previously stated. I suppose (?) you could also include a path to a central database (in the family), if you are working in a large network? .... just a guess. ... Or a link to a cloud site where you have (or someone has) uploaded the data/files/images?

Ed • 2013

If I need to put a PDF into the drawing I convert it to Word or Excel copy the text, create a text in Revit, and paste it into a created text. A long work around. You might also try to paste the PDF into Paint, save it as a JPG, and insert the image.

Gerald, Architect • 2013

You might think about "Archicad" it does it very smartly.

Scott, Architect • 2013

That functionality would be very handy, but at this stage it isn't possible. You can however put web links to more information in the family's interface. eg link to a PDF on the company's website. - This is a technique currently used by BIMstop.