Mesh Products

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The Hollaender Manufacturing Company Modlar Brand
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Infill Panels

Aluminum wire mesh panels are offered for highly corrosi...

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company Modlar Brand
Carl Stahl® DecorCable X-TEND® Cable Mesh

Hollaender is now offering X-TEND cable mesh as an infil...

Porter Athletic Company Modlar Brand
Badminton Net 20' x 30"

Black mesh net with 1" openings. Net is furnished with a...

QMI Security Solutions Modlar Brand
StormSafe Hurricane Fabrics

Hurricane-approved storm protection Protects against ext...

Major Partitions Modlar Brand
Double Tier Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh welded at each intersection for stronger cut...

Major Partitions Modlar Brand
Wire Mesh Partitions

As a leading supplier of wire mesh products since 1888, ...

Invisible Structures, Inc Modlar Brand
Draincore2 Geocomposite Drainage Layer

Draincore2 geocomposite drainage and conveyance layer is...