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Betafence Modlar Brand
Bekamatic® SC Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate

The design, construction and finish of our Bekamatic SC...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Robusta® SC Manual or Motorized Cantilever Sliding Gate

Robusta SC sliding doors are easy to install, even in t...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Robusta® SR Motorized or Manual Opening Sliding Gate

Robusta bottom track sliding gates have proper guiding ...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Securifor® Fence System

The Securifor system is a total system that consists of...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Nylofor® F Flat Wire Bar Fencing Panel

The Nylofor F system is a professional system with pane...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Nylofor® 3D Super Fence System

The Nylofor 3D Super system with specific 3D bend and v...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Securifor® 3D Security Fencing

The Securifor 3D security fencing is a complete system ...

Betafence Modlar Brand
Securifor® 2D Fence System

The Securifor 2D system was uniquely developed to combi...