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epro Services Inc. Modlar Brand
Ecoflex-PS Vapor Permeable Membrane

Effective Water and Vapor Barrier System• Water based ...

Raven Modlar Brand
VAPORBLOCK PLUS Series (20 Mil) Gas and Moisture Barrier

EVOH Multi-Layer Polyethylene - Gas and Moisture Barrier...

Raven Modlar Brand
VAPORBLOCK Series (6-15 Mil) Underslab Vapor Barrier

VAPORBLOCK Series consist of high performance underslab ...

Raven Modlar Brand
ABSOLUTE BARRIER Series Gas Containment Film

ABSOLUTE BARRIER Series is a seven-layer co-extruded geo...

Stego Industries, LLC Modlar Brand
Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier

Extremely Low Permeance Exceeds ASTM E 1745 Class A Stan...

SimTek Fence Modlar Brand
SimTek Fence

SimTek Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing with its...

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. Modlar Brand
SCIF Barrier - Advanced Radiant Barrier System

Fi-Foil's SCIF Barrier is designed to be used in Sensiti...

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. Modlar Brand
SkyTech® - Air Barrier

SkyTech is an insulated and permeable air barrier that c...

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. Modlar Brand
Silver Shield - Multi-Layer - Attic Radiant Barrier

Fi-Foil's Silver Shield is an insulating product compose...

Ameristar Fence Products Modlar Brand
Stalwart® Post & RailAnti-Ram Crash Barrier

Subtle The Stalwart anti-ram barrier is a standalone cra...

Polyflor Modlar Brand
Polyflor Wall cladding floor-to-wall surface library BIM contents

Polyflor Wall Cladding BIM content for Revit and ArchiCA...