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09 51 13 Acoustical Panel Ceilings Products

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Nuvola®  Acoustical Custom-Shaped Clouds

Decoustics' Nuvola acoustical shaped panels are constru...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Acoustical Baffles for Partial Ceiling Coverage

Baffles are great way to add an acoustic treatment to t...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Fori™  Mini-Perforated Acoustical Wood Panels and Planks

Add the warmth of wood with Decoustics' Fori natural wo...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Rondolo®  Micro-Perforated Acoustical Wood Panels and Planks

Merging the traditional elegant look of wood with excep...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Solo  Acoustically Grooved Wood Panels and Planks

Adding the warmth of wood with exceptional sound absorp...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Quadrillo®  Perforated Acoustical Wood Panels with Fiberglass Core

Abundant customization capabilities and exceptional sou...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
AirRenew®  Fabric-Wrapped Products with NAUF Core

AirRenew fabric technology uses a catalytic process to ...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
LightFrame®  Backlit Translucent Acoustical Fabric Panels

LightFrame is a fully accessible translucent fabric cei...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Metallo™  Acoustically Transparent Metallized Panels

Highly customizable acoustical solution that achieves t...

Decoustics Modlar Brand
Claro®  Acoustically Transparent Stipple-Textured Panels

Highly customizable acoustical solution to realize the ...

Offecct Modlar Brand
Soundwave® Sky Acoustic Panel

Soundwave Sky is designed by Marre Moerel who got the i...

Offecct Modlar Brand
Soundwave® Ennis Acoustic Panel

Frank Lloyd Wright's mesmerising pattern for the concre...

Offecct Modlar Brand
Soundwave® Flo Acoustic Panel

Creating Flo, Karim Rashid was inspired by sound waves ...