• Comprehensive BIP Green Roof System
  • Comprehensive BIP Green Roof System

Comprehensive BIP Green Roof System

The Omni roof system brings together state-of-the-art built-in-place green roof design with growing media that replicates soil ecosystems. The result is an ultra-lightweight green roof capable of growing food, flowers, sedum, natives, and many other plant options. The system is easy to install and to maintain. The growing media is self-regenerative so that soil nutrition improves over time. The Omni Roof system with our built-in-place installation method is a cost-effective alternative to pre-grown tray systems. Short plant establishment periods in the Omni Roof system allows for 80% plant coverage 5 weeks post installation.

Questions (2)

Comprehensive BIP Green Roof

d • Sep 29

hello! looks amazing but there is no bim file in it only a pdf. I would like to use it for my project for school. can you make a file of it that i can import in archi cad?

Hi cooper, I did but they dont react :) can you help me? 1 More Answer

Omni-Ecosystems the bim zip

john, Architect • 2016

I downloaded the Omni-Ecosystems bim zip file, but it appears to be empty.Has anyone else had this problem, or knows how I can fix it?

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Thanks for letting us know, we will inform the manufacturer and hopefully they will have bim files available soon.

About the Brand


Omni Ecosystems manufactures innovative green roof and green wall systems. For green roofs, Omni provides the first comprehensive green roof, which is an ultra-lightweight systems with a large variety of plant options, including wildflower meadows, food production and grasses. The Omni Tapestry is a lush and robust living wall system that surpasses others in ease of installation and maintenance. The Omni Facade is a customizable wall-mounted green facade system that allows for quick plant coverage and seasonal accents. In addition to these products, Omni also provides consultation for architects, training for Omni Certified contractors, and construction oversight for all Omni projects.
We can provide turnkey service or a la carte, as appropriate for your project. When working as a turnkey solution, we provide the materials necessary to complete the project, design assistance, and installation and maintenance services.
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