Devcon Construction Dishes on How to Retain Your Clients


Devcon Construction has been the largest contractor in the bustling tech hub of Silicon Valley for a greater part of the last twenty years. The firm’s expansive portfolio has been entrusted by many of the Bay Area’s startups and tech giants, including Netflix, Cisco, and LinkedIn. Michelle Ney, Senior Project Architect at Devcon, shared her perception of the industry as well as how she inspires her clients to think creatively on a recent episode of The Modern Architect radio show and podcast.

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Devcon Construction Dishes on How to Retain Your Clients

Construction started at Santana Row by Devcon Construction

From its inception in 1976, Devcon has avidly worked to support surrounding Silicon Valley companies and entrepreneurs. Initially starting out as a developer-contractor business, Devcon has grown into a design-build contractor in order to effectively prioritize the diverse needs of those involved in the design process. From architects to designers to developers to owners, Devcon expertly handles its various obligations with capability and creativity. 

With the high cost of development in the Bay Area, Devcon stayed ahead of the curve by producing distinguished structural steel mid-rise and high-rise shells well-equipped to deal with the rising demands of the tech world and beyond. Devcon also routinely works with retail centers, hotels, sports stadiums, and other relevant infrastructures. 

Devcon Construction Dishes on How to Retain Your Clients

Netflix campus interior by Devcon Construction

Modern techniques in innovative energy-saving methods are often utilized in designing data centers; an aptitude for efficiently using these techniques is what led Devcon to be an early proponent of green building and sustainability. After developing their world-renowned clientele, Devcon can account for a long list of projects with silver, gold and platinum certifications from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. In addition to this, their organization consists of over 50 LEED-trained office and field staff members. 

See more LEED-certified projects. 

Devcon Construction Dishes on How to Retain Your Clients

Netflix Campus by Devcon Construction

“The reason I’ve stayed with Devcon so long is that there really is a family feel to it.”

As a Senior Project Architect, Ney handles several significant projects within the company. Aside from the exciting professional projects that have kept her at Devcon, she says she has stayed with the company for so many years because of the warm atmosphere and sense of community Devcon has established over the last few decades. She recently served as the Santa Clara Valley AIA President for the 2017 year, providing her a unique vantage point to create industry-wide change beyond Devcon. 

Devcon Construction Dishes on How to Retain Your Clients

1201 Tennessee Street by Devcon Construction

Tune in to this episode of The Modern Architect to learn more about Ney’s experience and advice for retaining top clients. 

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