Uniquely Modern: The Rise of Modernism in Home Design


As both a design style and a way of living, modernism is at the pinnacle of popularity--with no sign of slowing. Aside from its aesthetics, incorporating design elements of modernism often allows for the efficient use of natural resources, extensive functionality, and a certain receptivity to structural innovation. Modern design is about more than the wooden furniture, clean lines, and functionality specific to mid-twentieth century. Designers who view this style as more than a trend aim to cultivate--and educate--a thorough understanding of how these living spaces affect and inspire. 

Curt Cline, Architect and Principal of Modern House Architects, lives and breathes modernism. For a singular style in an industry that is continuously evolving, Cline dedicates himself to accurately interpreting the needs of his clients and providing sublime living spaces that follow his aesthetics. Cline recently joined The Modern Architect radio show and podcast for an engaging discussion about the firm he started and where the industry is headed when it comes to modernism. 

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Uniquely Modern: The Rise of Modernism in Home Design

Eichler Residence Renovation by Modern House Architects.

“Good, modern architecture is attuned with nature - it celebrates nature.”

Initially drawn to the work of classical architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Louis Kahn, Cline obtained formal studio experience where he fostered his technical skills. In the interview, Cline discusses how a great deal of his inspiration comes from Japanese architecture which heavily incorporates contemporary elements within traditional culture. Elevated in style and utilizing the latest in technology, Japanese modern homes embody a pure sense of modernism. 

Drawing upon this coveted style, Cline elaborates on how nature should be carefully considered when designing a modern home. Respecting natural resources and utilizing them in a dynamic way creates a home that is as socially responsible as it is comfortable. 

Modeco: A Look Into a Modern Home

Uniquely Modern: The Rise of Modernism in Home Design

MODECO by Modern House Architects in Los Altos, CA.

Effortlessly integrating mid-century principles with wholly modernistic details, the Modeco project pulls its influence from the stylistically notable decades of the ‘40’s or ‘50’s. With a limited front facade fenestration and appropriately located roof overhangs, this Los Altos home insulates cool air and heat when necessary. Basic materials used in an innovative manner include concrete, wood, and glass. 

1,000 modern designs.

“For anyone pursuing architecture, be comfortable with the idea that you’re thinking about architecture every waking hour of the day.”

Uniquely Modern: The Rise of Modernism in Home Design

Eichler Residence Renovation by Modern House Architects

Cline leaves us with some insight into how to stay intrinsically motivated in such a versatile field. From taking as many walks or “urban explorations” for leisure as possible, to accepting that as an architect or designer, thoughts of work will fill (most) waking moments, Cline suggests that success is relative and being collaborative is key to discovering a sense of refinement in your work. 

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