Steve Blank: A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Take on Architecture


Tom Dioro, host of The Modern Architect radio show and podcast, recently welcomed Steve Blank, a serial-entrepreneur and academician based in the booming Silicon Valley. Blank is most widely recognized for his initiation of the Lean Startup movement, a movement that inspires the creation of new companies with the mitigated risk involved.

What does this have to do with architecture and design? A focus on intelligently growing business is essential for success, and Blank shares how to leverage an entrepreneurial spirit to help you succeed in the AEC industry.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Steve Blank: A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Take on Architecture

Steve Blank, serial-entrepreneur and academician

"A startup is an act of aggression."

Over the course of 21 years, Blank has been involved in the growth of eight high-tech companies and has gone on to found several of his own in a range of different fields.

From being an entrepreneur to teaching entrepreneurship at various renowned universities across the nation, Blank truly exemplifies what it means to be a man of versatility. He was named one of Silicon Valley's Top 10 Influencers for his extensive work in the startup industry. While 75% of startups typically fail in the early stages, Blank demonstrated how to alleviate some of the uncertainty attached to the process of starting your own company.

A Serial-Entrepreneur's Perspective on Architecture

While Steve Blank is unlike most guests who are interviewed on The Modern Architect, he provides interesting insight into the entrepreneurial aspect of the industry. Blank views architects as artists that create and build our future and the spaces in which we experience life. In order to facilitate that process, Blank explains that it is important for an architect to get outside of the building space, both physically and virtually.

With technology constantly redeveloping itself, it is imperative to stay on the forefront of the newest trends. He also mentions that working in communal settings is essential to the production of quality architectural work, that effectively integrates these changes into the physical demonstration of design.

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