From Architect to Startup CEO: Our Founder's Story


Architecture isn't for everyone. An architect needs to possess a unique medley of skills that span the left and right brain, including the ability to design and draw, think analytically, communicate with ease, and tackle a math problem without breaking a sweat. 

A skillset that diverse doesn't lend itself to much career change and most architects stay in the field for much of their lives. However, when frustrations become a desire to create solutions, a new kind of career is born. It's not often that an architect becomes a technology startup founder and CEO, but that is the story of Modlar's very own CEO, Scott Barrington. 

Scott sat down with host Tom Dioro of The Modern Architect Radio Show Podcast to discuss his career evolution and where he sees the architecture industry heading. 

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From Architect to Startup CEO: Our Founder's Story

Scott Barrington, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Modlar

"From the day I was in nappies, I was on building sites."

Scott was born in New Zealand into a building family and was exposed to the inner workings of the industry at a very early age, whether he liked it or not. Like most budding architects, Scott's favorite childhood pastime was playing with Legos, which he used to bring his ideas to life. From the time he spent as a young boy watching his father on building sites, he knew that he would follow in his footsteps as an architect. 

Barrington went on to study architecture and work in the field for several years, but his passion for building was accompanied by a deep interest in technology and its ability to solve problems. 

From Architect to Startup CEO: Our Founder's Story

Founder and CEO Scott Barrington visiting a construction site, age 3

"One of the big frustrations I was finding in a firm was that it was really hard to get the product information I needed."

While working at an architecture firm, Scott grew to understand the dilemma many architects face when spec'ing products, which includes countless sales reps and physical brochures with products that often aren't in the correct format for your project and websites speaking to consumers, not to architects and designers.

Frustrated, Scott created a digitized library that solved this problem for his firm, and in turn cut down the hours spent on research and specifications. Word of the tool spread to other architects, and he quickly realized how in-demand the solution was to others in the industry. 

From Architect to Startup CEO: Our Founder's Story

Scott Barrington in front of the Shanghai Tower, designed by Gensler

"Everything that is happening offline, we try to bring online."

From this, Barrington created Modlar, a platform which now services 185,000 professional architects globally. Modlar's mission was initially focused on product specifications, but the company has grown with its audience and expanded its offerings to better satisfy all design needs. 

Today, Modlar supports architects and designers throughout every step of their design process; from project inspiration, to product discovery, to valuable content, and by providing a rich community to connect with other architects, subject matter experts, and world-class brands.

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