Bill Van Erp: Not Your Ordinary Librarian


Librarians are some of the brightest, most well-versed individuals to walk our streets. When you place that rare, unsurpassed knowledge within the context of architecture and design, add thirty-two years of experience in the industry, and a heaping amount of passion, you get Bill Van Erp, Senior Associate and Professional Librarian of Architectural Materials and Finishes at Gensler.

Just recently, Van Erp sat down with The Modern Architect radio show and podcast for an ardent discussion about the innovative nature of building design. In this episode,host Tom Dioro explores the true essence of Gensler and the industry that Bill Van Erp has come to regard so highly.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Bill Van Erp: Not Your Ordinary Librarian

UBM plc, London by Gensler

"It's about enabling people to do great things."

Van Erp resolutely believes in centralizing people as part of the design process. He recognizes that individuals possess a multitude of ideas that often just need support to be properly executed. How do we find beauty and inspiration manifested in a physical setting? Van Erp explains to listeners that through the avid self expression of each team member; from senior architect to intern, Gensler is able to facilitate individual and collective goals.

Bill Van Erp: Not Your Ordinary Librarian

Cincinnati Mixed-Use Development

"You never know when gold is going to walk through that door!"

Van Erp truly elucidates what it means to value people. In a world where the pace and expectation of architecture design is constantly changing, people are one of the few things that remain absolutely pivotal in the creative process. Despite issues of money and physics that can inhibit design processes, Van Erp believes that treating employees with the utmost respect is of great importance.

His advice to anyone looking to enter the industry? Be true to yourself and pursue the things you know you want most. Knowledge is power and taking the time to understand why you feel a certain way when you walk into a building will take you far in terms of developing your career around the materials you so admire.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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