Zephyr Lock

Zephyr Lock has been a value-centric, proven partner of choice in locker security solutions for over 15 years. With a complete catalog of locker lock products, a highly responsive and experienced team, and a cutting-edge, innovative approach, we are uniquely positioned to provide value to our clients as not just a vendor but as a partner.
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Newtown, CT, USA
Zephyr 7700 Architectural Series Touch Panel Lock

Engineered with the latest security tec...

Zephyr 7200 Electronic Keypad RFID Lock

The Zephyr 7200 Electronic Keypad RFID ...

1970-1971 Series Dead Bolt Locks

The 1970/1971 Dead Bolt series features...

1992 Linear Locking Built-In Combo Lock

Engineered to comply with new high secu...