Waterworks products are designed to stand the test of time. We combine the latest technology with the world's most time-honored manufacturing techniques and authentic raw materials to produce lasting reliability and beauty.

We work with in-house designers and prestigious collaborators across a range of inspirations, from Edwardian elegance to organic beauty, to create a product assortment that comfortably meets the needs of our clients while continually pushing the aesthetic envelope. In our quest for the complete bath experience, every detail and every facet is lovingly considered. Our focus on design translates into a world of products that you can be certain are first in terms of integrity, innovation, and style.

Aqualinea Carousel Mosaic Stone

Adding texture and distinction to every...

Clothilde Freestanding Oval Copper Bathtub

Clothilde pedigree is rooted in the hig...

Normandy Octagonal Hammered Copper Lavatory Sink

Like the antique French copper cookware...