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Safety Rail Source was founded in 1999 by Hal Swindell with the invention of the KeeHatch® Railing System. The need for railings to protect all open roof hatches was confirmed by Richard Fairfax, Directorate of Corporate Compliance for OSHA in November of 1999 His ruling states that open roof hatches are a hazard that must be protected. This invention of the KeeHatch Railing System created an entirely new industry for roof top fall protections railings.

Shortly thereafter, Jan Vanning joined Hal to design, manufacture & distribute numerous OSHA compliant safety products. Our growth lead to Chad Vanning joining the company in 2008. Chad's focuses on the day to day operations of the company and serving customers one at a time. In 2014, the Safety Rail Source partnered with Greg Swindell and established the Ladder Safety Company. The Ladder Safety Company offers a full line of safety products that support gaining access to rooftops. It's first proprietary product Ladder Dock™ helps satisfy OSHA's ladder tie off requirements for extension ladders. Our Easi-Dec product is a unique solution aimed at replacing cumbersome scaffolding on the job site.
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