Roseburg was founded in 1936, which means we've been around for more than 75 years. That may seem like plenty of time in human years, but at that age, a tree is just coming into its own. We like to think that as a company we're doing the same.

Our company founder Kenneth Ford was a pioneer in the forest products industry. In 1946, he blazed a trail by purchasing 15,000 acres of timberland: Today, Roseburg owns over 600,000 acres of viable timberlands, ensuring consistent forest products for the future. We started designing a plywood facility in 1950, and soon began producing wood products as well as lumber. In 1997, Allyn Ford, Kenneth's son, assumed ownership, meaning that Roseburg has been closely-held for 75 years. It's been a good start.

All of Roseburg's manufacturing is done in the U.S. What started as a single sawmill in 1946 has grown into the Roseburg of today: America's single broadest mix producer of green wood building products, owner of the largest capacity sawmill in the country, and the greatest exporter of wood chips in the U.S. Roseburg's engineered wood products facility is also one of the largest facilities in the nation.

At Roseburg, we offer custom industrial performance panels built to each customer's specifications, and the Roseburg mixed trucks and boxcar shipping solutions mean that we can customize both orders and shipping to suit each customer's needs. While every customer is different, we treat them all equally by giving them exactly what they're looking for.