Rollseal Inc.

The RollSeal Door System is designed and manufactured by HH Technologies of Bremen, AL. A family owned and operated business that employs 100 of our neighbors in a small and rural community.

RollSeal Door Systems are ideal for businesses that depend on superior climate and environmental control. RollSeal Doors have been proven to be more efficient than any other method of commercial enclosure because our patented triple-layer design is engineered to provide the most complete seal and eliminate air infiltration. As a result, you can count on RollSeal Door Systems to help lower facility, operating and maintenance costs, protect valuable inventory and extend usable square footage in your operation.

RollSeal Door Systems accomplish energy efficiency through mitigation of air infiltration caused by steady-state leakage and door opening events.

Our patented magnetic door sealing feature minimizes infiltration losses and assures a positive repeatable seal without the wear and degradation associated with conventional sealing methods. What's more, the unique mechanics of the RollSeal system makes automating this process much more efficient, effective, and reliable.
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