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The ClearMirror Story

ClearMirror inventors Bob and Nancy Verhey were once a couple that struggled for bathroom time in the mornings. Bob liked to keep the window and door open to prevent steam, which was too cold for Nancy. One product Bob's company made at the time was a heated bun tray for fast food companies. Nancy jokingly suggested Bob put a bun tray on the back of a mirror to prevent the shower from steaming it up. A week later, this suggestion gave birth to ClearMirror when Bob brought a prototype home to test.
Since its introduction, thousands of homeowners, hotels and spas around the country have installed ClearMirror for a luxurious, clear, fog-free reflection in their showers and vanities."It looks so high-end and sleek," says Steve Harris, a Bloomington, Ill., homeowner who installed a Shower ClearMirror as part of his bathroom remodel in 2011. "I remember the first time I saw it out of the corner of my eye, completely fog-free. I thought, wow - that really raises the look of the room another notch." Harris says he shows his Shower ClearMirror to visitors, and "they're completely blown away by it."
ClearMirror is making a clear impact on hotel guests and managers, as well. Shana Johnson, general manager at the Regency Lodge Hotel in Omaha, Neb., said hotel guests have swooned over the ClearMirror experience since the hotel installed Original ClearMirrors in all 146 rooms as part of a multi-million-dollar remodel.
"The guests love the fact that no matter how steamy the bathroom is, they can see into the mirror as soon as they get out of the shower," Johnson said. "I get the most compliments when there are four people in a guest room and they don't have to wait for the bathroom to defog between showers. Guests frequently tell me they want to purchase one."
Original ClearMirror Fog-free Mirror

ClearMirror's flagship product, the Orig...