LaCantina Doors

LaCantina Doors create dramatically expanded interiors filled with natural light and open air, completely transforming space from the inside out, providing a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Minimal, clean design allow for panels to stack in alignment when open. Our narrow stiles and low profile rails create symmetry and balance and is the preferred aesthetic of architects and designers with an appreciation for detail..

LaCantina Doors is and remains a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. Dedicated to creating products that open spaces, we have expanded our product line to include a new class of multi slide and a complete range of swing doors that utilize the same signature door profile used in our folding systems, providing a perfect match for the complete door package..

Designed and made in California, LaCantina Doors offer the most diverse range of folding, sliding and swing doors to complement any architectural style in any environment. With our wide selection material options and performance levels, we can meet the needs of any commercial or residential project, large and small..

Our manufacturing facility dedicated to making large door systems allows us to consistently produce the highest quality products. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always readily available for guidance and technical support.
Aluminum Bifold Doors and Windows

The Aluminum System's clean design feat...