Green Dot Sign®

Green Dot Sign® was founded to make sustainable signage the product of choice for brands, designers and owners.  We offer a range of products using sustainable and recyclable materials for all types of signage.  This makes it easy for the AEC and sign consulting community to offer cohesive signage throughout a facility.  Each Green Dot Sign® is the final touch complimenting your buildings' design.  

Our flagship product is the Aspen Base ADA sign series.  It uses FSC® 100% aspen and our patent pending 3D printing technology to make ADA required tactile characters and braille.  The series includes 13 raised tactile character colors combined with infinite CMYK flat printing, allowing complete customization when creating your built or branded environments.  Both standard and custom designed ADA signage fall into this series.  

The Aspen Base ADA Sign series contributes to LEED, WELL and LBC building frameworks.  The wood is FSC® 100% CoC, Green Dot Sign® offers a documented Extended Producer Responsibility program, HPD is published and Declare label is in process.   More importantly, each ADA sign reduces demand for non-biodegradable, fossil fuel derived plastics by roughly 250 grams.  Check our site for more information.  

Additionally, the Aspen Base Green Dot Sign® carries a best in class product warranty.

Each Aspen Base Green Dot Sign® adapts to your design vision and brings a touch of nature to every doorway, while replacing fossil fuel derived, non-biodegradable traditional signs.   

Additional product lines include machined aluminum and bronze ADA braille signs and dimensional letters. 

Green Dot ADA metal signs are machined from solid metal, then painted with automotive grade paints or topcoats.  They are the most durable ADA sign available; we guarantee them for life under normal use.  Aluminum and bronze ADA signs are best used in exterior environments, or places which are subject to extreme cleaning regimes, such as food processing plants and surgery areas.  

Green Dot Sign® also offers a full line of solid wood, plywood and metal dimensional letters and logos.  Lettering and logo element colors can be natural or finished with any paint colors to enhance your built environment.  Green Dot dimensional letters are designed for interior and exterior wayfinding as well as branding, so you can provide a single solution provider throughout an entire facility, thus keeping management costs down and minimizing environmental impact, while maximizing visual impact. 

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For tough interior applications, like s...

Aspen Base ADA Signs

The Aspen Base ADA sign series uses FSC...