Garaventa Lift has a long-standing reputation as a world-class manufacturer specializing in compact elevators , home elevators , inclined platform lifts , vertical platform lifts and emergency evacuation chairs. Our network of dedicated professionals can help determine the best solution for any accessibility issue.

Garaventa Lift is a large international company specializing in the manufacturing of accessibility products and compact elevators. In 1974, the operation of Garaventa Lift focused on mountain aerial tramways - completing Vancouver's Grouse Mountain Super sky-ride in 1976. Recognizing a need for accessibility, the independent operation successfully diversified into the design and manufacture of accessibility products in 1978.

Today, Garaventa Lift is a world leader in the industry with a reputation for reliability, safety and innovation. With over 50,000 installations worldwide, including many creative solutions, Garaventa Lift has the experience to solve the most difficult challenges. Garaventa Lift has been awarded many large contracts such as the Korean Subway System , Santiago Metro and the Mexico City Metro.