Bronze Craft

Since 1944, the Bronze Craft Corporation has been known as one of the
best American commercial window hardware manufacturers in the industry.
Bronze Craft has been committed to meet the demands of our window
customers with new and improved products.

Bronze Craft's engineering focus has been to apply their commercial
window hardware expertise to the growing market for window automation.
Bronze Craft's extensive work with motorized windows for natural
ventilation on LEED projects has even led to a new product development,
the Smart Window Sensor.

Bronze Craft is proud to partner with leading European manufacturers
of window control system products. With Bronze Craft's decades of
engineering experience in the commercial window market, Bronze Craft's
products and partnerships continue to evolve, offering superior

Window Hardware - Handle with Low Profile 162 051

White Bronze, Satin Brushed, 0125.This l...

Window Hardware - Handle 162 012

White Bronze, Satin Brushed, 0125. The s...

Window Hardware - Handle with Inverted Base 162 008

White Bronze, Satin Brushed, 0125. This ...

Window Hinges - Multi Bar (4 Bar) Storm Inline

Smoothness of operation ... with the bea...

Standard Finish - Red Bronze Oxidized

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Standard Finish - White Bronze Burnished

The standard Finish Options: White Bronz...

UltraFlex Control Systems (UCS) Window Actuators

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