At Bramalea Elevator, we are the experts in providing custom-made solutions for vertical transportation, primarily for freight. No two projects are the same, and we strive to provide solutions to satisfy the design needs of building planners, architects, constructions firms and owners. We believe that, being in the business of custom made products, it is vital for us to set and adhere to extremely high working standards. All our products conform to the Safety code for Elevators and Escalators ASME A17.1/CSA B-44 standard.

Our strength lies in our targeted approach to hydraulic design. Hydraulic pressure is what moves us! We stay away from conventional buried cylinders which can have a harsh environmental impact. Instead, our cylinders are directly coupled to the elevator cab. This direct linkage allows for fewer components and thus less maintenance.

Our design is known throughout the industry as being quieter, with a smoother ride and less bouncing. This is accomplished with our two speed valve that controls the flow of hydraulic oil through the cylinder. There is also a two way leveling system built into our design which allows the elevator to readjust the level of the platform after it reaches the desired landing during loading and unloading. Our design is more economical as it requires a smaller pump when lifting the same capacity, installation is quicker, and our entire system requires less maintenance because there is less hardware, and fewer moving parts.
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