Arblu is a growing and promising Italian bathroom furnishings manufacturer: from shower enclosures to shower trays, furniture and decorative radiators.

The mission Arblu has set itself is to interpret the increasingly widespread yearning for wellbeing, vitality and harmony for both body and mind, through an original balance of beauty and function, technology and creativity, eco sustainability and innovation.

The expertise and the research performed by Arblu have led to the launch of innovative materials such as Pietrablu, Tecnoblu as well as systems that combine styling, thermal comfort and energy savings, such as the Decorative Radiator line.

This is all backed by superior levels of quality, which are controlled and certified in every detail: from the raw materials, to the design concept, the manufacturing process and long-lasting services.

Arblu S.r.l. Via Fossaluzza, n.5 - 33074 Fontanafredda (PN) Italy

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