American Warming & Ventilating

In 1904 American Warming and Ventilating was created as a division of American Furnace and Foundry Company in Bloomington, Indiana. The company began as a regional contractor that installed gravity heating systems. 

Today, architects, mechanical engineers, contractors and facility owners rely on American Warming and Ventilating to meet their ever-changing damper and louver designs and cost requirements through product innovation and technological advancement. 

Our headquarters, located at 7301 International Drive in Holland Ohio, is the central hub, but our vast representative base throughout the nation is available to help you find the right product for your project.
Holland, Ohio, USA
Marquis Grille

Grille "C" Depth: 2" "H" Horizontal Ba...

LS-52V Vertical Vision Screen

Louver Depth: 5" Description: Vertical...

LAG-86 8" Acoustical Louver

Louver Depth 8" Description: Acoustica...

LE-66C 6" Combination Louver

Louver Depth: 6" Description: Combinat...

LE-52 5" Fixed Drainable Louver

Louver Depth: 5" Description: Fixed, D...

Myriad Continuous Grille

Grille "C" Depth: 2" "H" Horizontal Ba...