AirTest Technologies Inc.

AirTest manufacturers sensor technologies used to enhance operational efficiency, safety and energy savings in buildings. Our products are well suited to be integrated into new or existing buildings and we offer a wide range of sensor interface options including analog (4-20 mA, 0-10V), BACnet, LonWorks and wireless communication options that utilize WiFi and Zigbee. The types of sensor products we offer include:
  • CO2 sensor for demand controlled ventilation
  • Outdoor, rugged, weather station quality sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, dew point and enthalpy
  • Dew point and humidity sensing for commercial and industrial applications
  • Transmitters and control systems to reduce the cost of ventilation in enclosed garages (using carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide sensing)
  • Refrigerant gas measurement and leak detection.
  • Combustible gas measurement and detection
  • Air velocity measurement

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