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New Building Product Manufac


Building Information Modeling is undoubtedly having a massive impact on the AEC community, and product manufacturers are taking note. Modlar is happy to announce partnerships with an exciting batch of new manufacturers this spring, with free 3D downloads of their it... Read More

BIM questions and answers no


We get asked a lot of questions, 99% of which are related to Building Information Modeling (BIM). This includes questions about how to work with BIM, BIM software tutorials, which BIM software is the right fit, how to support BIM users and how to market to BIM users... Read More

Woven Image BIM content comi


Woven Image (website link) BIM content is soon to be available on BIMstop.comWoven Image is an International textile and interior finishes company specialising in commercial interiors, including offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and theatres.Woven Image was est... Read More