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The 2012 Business Value of B


The Business Value of BIM in North America: Multi-Year Trend Analysis and User Ratings (2007 2012) by McGraw-Hill Construction is now out! As posted in our blog in October, the new report follows up on the use and growth of BIM since its last report in 2009. The new... Read More

2012 Research Shows Dramatic


New research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction shows that there is a rapid increase of Building Information Modeling (BIM) usage by architects, engineers, contractors and owners in North America. The percentage of companies using BIM is now 71%, which is a jump... Read More

BIM construction simulations


As the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) accelerates we are seeing a huge uptake by contractors, especially on larger projects.This is great to see as it shows the true power of BIM in order to bring all of a project's stakeholders together. Increased... Read More

30 story building built in 1


How much can you accomplish in 360 hours?This amazing time-lapse video was sent to us today showing a 30 story building in China being erected in just 15days. The feat was achieve by using pre cast components, so on site is just an assembly exercise.Constructing a b... Read More