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A Look at Transitional Archi


In the wake of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011, a new form of architecture has been on the rise. The natural disaster and its subsequent seismic events demolished 80% of the city, leaving Christchurch with a dire need to rebu... Read More

Christchurch cardboard cathe


Rock star Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, has recently revealed a proposed new cardboard cathedral for Christchurch. The actual Christchurch Cathedral suffered quite badly in the recent earthquakes. This proposed cardboard cathedral has had mixed reviews from locals... Read More

Christchurch Cathedral


The beautiful Christchurch Cathedral took a bit of a hit in the recent earthquakes, however I'm sure it will be repaired to its former glory! Below is a photosynth I made a while back which was featured by Microsoft.Photosynth is a clever technology which ties photo... Read More