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BIMstop new learning search


BIMstop's Building Information Modeling (BIM) content search just got faster and smarter.Search is a key part of all modern software products and is by far the best and fastest way to mine through large amounts of data. Far quicker than browsing through hundreds of... Read More

BIMstop smarter search launc


We are always looking for ways to make BIMstop smarter, more elegant & efficient. This week we've launched our new homepage redesign & our new search design.Searching for the BIM content (be it a Revit chair or ArchiCAD tank) you are after is now even easier... Read More

BIMstop plugins for ArchiCAD


We've just pushed a new update on our BIMstop tools page.Our plugins for the new ArchiCAD 15 (& 13) have now been released. The new ArchiCAD 15 plugins come in three ways: Mac OS, Windows 32bit & Windows 64bit.Be sure to download yours today & get faster... Read More

BIMstop Add-on for ArchiCAD


A core goal of ours is to give all BIM (building information modeling) users better and faster access to the BIM content they need.Search is a key part of this, but until now you still had to go to the web each time. Shouldn't this be easier? Well today we are relea... Read More