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Star Wars Tie Fighter modele


Here's a bit of fun for the end of the week. This video was just sent to us and shows an amazing example of how powerful the modeling tools inside BIM (Building Information Modeling) software are getting. Below is a short teaser video released by ArchiCAD showing a... Read More

Darren Tims from Rice Daubne


Below is a great video of Darren Tims from Rice Daubney Architects in Australia.In the video Darren gives a fantastic overview of how Rice Daubney are using BIM (Building Information Modeling) in their work flow and the benefits they are gaining from it. This is esp... Read More

BIM Content On Videos


We always get requests to see videos of our Revit families & ArchiCAD objects in action. So, we've decided to upload a few to our youtube channel. There you will see a range of manufacturer's products we have worked with (from beams to light fittings) and how t... Read More